Kvass wort concentrate

Thick viscous dark brown syrup, soluble in water, sweet taste (with a slight bitterness) with rye bread aroma.

Product specification


  • rye flour;
  • fermented dry rye malt;
  • unfermented rye malt;
  • barley malt.

Applications areas

  • For the production of traditional kvass and malt beverages;
  • Using in bakery and confectionery industry;
  • The most popular use of kvass must concentrate is the production of kvass. Folkly called “Kvass” is a traditional Slavic drink with an ethyl alcohol content not exceeding 1.2%;
  • This concentrate is also used in various bakery (especially bread) and confectionery industries.


  • The biggest advantage - the saving of production time. To obtain kvass must, dilute the kvass concentrate with water;
  • Making kvass from kvass must concentrate requires less equipment and production space;
  • Energy saving - the preparation of kvass must concentrate from malt and bread raw materials is a long-term process that requires a lot of energy;
  • Less requirements for storage facilities – storage of grain and malt requires dry and ventilated and not necessarily cool room. Storage conditions from -40 to +30;
  • Adding this syrup to the pastry dough improves its porosity. The pastries turn nicer and become shinier. The flesh becomes more elastic, the porosity is more even, the products are more aromatic and stay fresh longer.
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