Barley malt extract

Barley malt extract is a completely natural product. It is a thick, light brown sweet syrup made from barley malt and water.

Product specification


  • 100% brewing barley malt.

Applications areas

The most common use of malt extracts is in beer production. Extracts help shorten the brewing cycle by eliminating many of the hassles of wort preparation. The wort is obtained simply by dissolving the malt extract in hot water, after which the brewing process is continued in the traditional way.

The following are also produced using malt extract:

  • Bakery products;
  • Dry breakfast cereal, cereal flakes, honey-nut bars;
  • Barley malt whiskeys;
  • Milkshakes, malt beverages and other soft drinks;
  • Gingerbreads, biscuits, cakes;
  • Ice cream;
  • Products for baby food, sports food and diabetic food;
  • Basis for the creation of the breeding ground for the cultivation of microorganisms;
  • Malt vinegar.

The advantages of use:

Malt extract gives various products a pleasant taste, color and smell, acts as a natural sweetener. In addition, it can retain moisture, reduce acidity, extend the shelf life of food and pharmaceutical products.

The main advantages of using malt extract:

  • Supplements the composition of vitamins that have a positive effect for the body. Therefore, barley malt extract is actively used as an additive in various confectionery and pastries, meat and dairy products;
  • Color correction - as a natural ingredient instead of using caramel color E150;
  • Sweetness correction - as a natural sweetener for baked goods, soft drinks and dairy drinks;
  • Aroma enhancement - to give a malt flavor to foods and beverages;
  • A useful substitute for traditional and synthetic sugars - due to the high content of maltose (malt) sugar, malt extracts can be used as a healthier substitute for both traditional sugar and synthetic sugar analogues;
  • Masking of undesirable tastes and odors;
  • Fermentation activator - due to the amount of maltose sugar that is fermented and easily absorbed, malt extracts are an excellent fermentation activator in the production of various fermented beverages;
  • Extension of storage of nutrition products and pharmaceutical products - with the inclusion of malt extract in the product.
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