Barley and barley malt extract

Barley and barley malt extract is a natural product. It is a thick, light brown sweet syrup made from barley, barley malt and water.

Product specification


  • Brewing barley malt;
  • Barley.

Barley-malt extract is used in the production of the following products:

  • Various confectionery made from flour and pastries: gingerbread, pastries, crackers, pastries, biscuits, etc .;
  • Dry breakfast cereal, cereal flakes, honey-nut bars;
  • Cereal bars, granola, snacks and muesli;
  • Barley malt whiskeys;
  • Beer with a shortened cycle;
  • Milkshakes and other soft drinks;
  • Ice cream;
  • Products for baby food, sports food and diabetic food.

The advantages of use:

  • Color correction - as a natural ingredient instead of using caramel color E150;
  • Sweetness correction - as a natural sweetener for baked goods, soft drinks and dairy drinks;
  • Taste and aroma enhancement - to give food and drink a more natural taste;
  • Masking of undesirable tastes and odors;
  • Prolongation of shelf life of food and pharmaceutical products - when malt extract is added to products;
  • Barley-malt extract promotes more active yeast growth and thus increases the volume of baked goods. Keeps the flesh and crust more elastic for longer, helps to improve the external appearance of baked goods, achieve uniform porosity. Keeps products fresh for longer by preventing them from drying out.
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