Maltose syrup with rye

Maltose syrup with rye is a thick, light brown sweet syrup made from cornmeal, barley malt and fermented rye malt.

Product specification


  • Corn;
  • Brewing barley malt;
  • Fermented dry rye malt.

Applications areas

  • Widely used in the manufacture of pastries and flour confectionery as a sugar substitute. Rye maltose syrup naturally enriches the quality of the dough, especially suitable for baked goods to give the rye bread taste and aroma.


  • Due to the low glucose content, maltose syrup does not crystallize during storage, it is slightly hygroscopic, which is important for the confectionery industry as it increases softness and retains moisture in fresh products.
  • Extends shelf life by preventing products from drying out. You also need to add less sugar.
  • Adding this syrup to the dough improves its porosity, makes the crust more beautiful and crispier and shinier. The dough becomes more elastic, the porosity is more even, the bread becomes tastier, more aromatic, the volume of the bread increases, it stays fresh longer.
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