Beer wort concentrate

Beer wort concentrate is a completely natural product. It is a viscous, light brown sweet syrup made from barley malt and water.

Product specification


100% brewing barley malt

Applications areas

  • Beer wort concentrate is a prepared raw material for beer production. This product greatly facilitates the work of the brewer by simplifying the process of preparing the wort. The brewer can focus all his attention on the subtleties of beer fermentation and maturation, which is especially important for beginner brewers;
  • The wort is obtained by diluting the beer wort concentrate with prepared water. The process is then continued by boiling with the addition of hops. Beer fermentation and maturation takes place in a traditional way.

The following are also produced using malt extract:

  • Barley malt whiskeys;
  • Malt beverages and other soft drinks. 

The advantages of use:

  • Color correction - as a natural ingredient instead of using caramel color E150;
  • Sweetness correction - as a natural sweetener for beverages;
  • Aroma enhancement - to give a more intense malt taste to drinks;
  • Masking of undesirable tastes and odors;
  • Fermentation activator - due to the amount of maltose sugar that is fermented and easily absorbed, malt extracts are an excellent fermentation activator in the production of various fermented beverages;
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